I am a content developer with creative Writing skills

I'm happy right now

I think I am
I feel that I am happy

Though not lasting

A digression and it's gone

Waiting and wanting to be again

To keep it [happiness]

Is to stay in limbo [mindset]

no conscience to taint it

But morale to save it

I was happy

This year, I officially joined the workforce. I am happy to earn my money and be independent of my parents. It has allowed me to travel, sightsee, and meet new people, languages, food, and culture. It has benefited me greatly and especially in finances. Through it, I got the privilege…

Growing up without expectations puts a toll on those who expect something from you. Growing up without fulfilled needs but more wants dulls life’s expectations in one’s future. True, we pick characteristics and traits as we grow older, but not all will impact our lives from childhood into adulthood.


I have loved writing since I could read and understand. Over the years, I neglected it because of a lack of time (management of time), motivation. And there were always other, more interesting choices. There was the constant feeling that something was missing. The storyline was not connecting, or the…

Everything is connected. I learned about HNGi8 through another internship where I did content creation. I thought about enrolling for the Zuri internship since I was not getting writing gigs on Upwork where my co-interns were already getting jobs. I had to restrategize under the advice of the mentor. To…

The Side Hustle internship Testimonial

To whom much is given, much is expected

I started the internship without expectations. I think. When it started, I didn’t expect to go through the rapt change that I went through. I expected to fall flat on my face. So I used the laptop…

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